PWN April Digest
May 10th, 2022

The month of April was entirely in the spirit of gearing up for opening up our platform to the public with our upcoming contracts upgrade, and what’s more, we held our long-awaited PWN team meetup in Prague!

Product news

First off, more people than ever have access to the alpha platform. The total number of people who gained access to the PWN platform through the waitlist hit 100 around mid-April.

We’re picking up the pace of dropping new POAP access keys to people who join the waitlist, so if you’re keen to get a last minute peek at the platform, make sure to join!

We also welcome all feedback, so feel free to reach out to anyone from the PWN team if you have any.

Community updates and events

PWN community bizdev programme

We’re seeing a lot of enthusiasm in the PWN community. We continue to be moved by our community members’ willingness to help and contribute to everything that we do, which we massively appreciate. One of the ideas that sprung up from our regular community calls (the next of which is coming on June 1 at 4PM GMT+1 on our Discord) is our community bizdev programme.

On our Discord, we created a specific channel dedicated to this initiative, which will have its own calls on a regular basis going forward. For more information and to get involved, please reach out to Steve on Discord.

Devconnect in Amsterdam

Some of us packed our stuff and flew to Amsterdam for this year’s Devconnect right after wrapping up the PWN team meetup (more on that below!). The conference was packed with productive meetings, networking opportunities, listening to fascinating speakers, and we even participated in the ETH Amsterdam hackathon (and won one of the prizes!).

Some PWN team members being cool at Devconnect.
Some PWN team members being cool at Devconnect.

Beyond offline meetups

We know that it’s impossible to attend every conference in person. To make sure that we can reach the folks who couldn’t make it to Devconnect, we accepted the kind invitation to attend the 31st Ethereum Milano Meetup by Stefano Leone, where Steve talked about how intersection of DeFi & NFTs can attract the next billion users to the industry. You can watch the recording here.

Twitter Spaces feat. Chaingrep

As mentioned in last month’s digest, we’ve held a Twitter space featuring Chaingrep founders Merwane Drai and Rosco Kalis. Chaingrep is building a new kind of block explorer — watch out, Etherscan!

We invite interesting builders from the industry to our Twitter Spaces sessions at least once per month, and in them, we talk about all things related to DeFi and NFTs, current industry news and trends, and we also dig into what our guests are currently building. Make sure to follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss out on the next episode!

PWN team updates

Remote, but together!

Even though we all work remotely, we’re always finding ways to stay connected to each other online (think team happy hours, constant chatter on Discord, and more). However, there’s nothing better than coming together into the same place, having some productive in-person sessions, and of course, having fun as a team.

This time, we chose Prague to be the hub for our team meetup, and we all had a great time. Read our meetup recap to find out what we got up to during a crazy few days. Can’t wait for the next one!

Lifehack of the month

Shill your stuff!

The PWN community (you!) has so much interesting stuff to share with us  —and we don’t want to miss out on it!

In order to keep up with you guys more closely, we’ve created a #shill-your-stuff channel on our Discord. The goal of this channel is simple: if you want to promote your project, shill your bags, or perhaps you want to give a shoutout to someone who really deserves it in the space, feel free to stop by and share all of the relevant details. Everybody is welcome, and we are really curious to see what you have on your radar!

Have a fantastic May, everyone. :)

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