PWN March Digest
April 19th, 2022

In the third installment of our monthly digest, we’re diving into what our team has accomplished during March 2022.

Our community

Over 1,000 people on our waitlist & 1,000+ Twitter followers

We see a steady growth in terms of our brand awareness and follower count. Our Discord community is now home to over 750 people, and we recently passed the 1K mark on Twitter!

Conferences and meetups

We now have the team in place to start pushing the PWN brand out in the open, and that's what we'll be doing in the following months.

We have accepted talks to:

We are happy to be the main sponsor of:

Twitter Spaces
PWN hosted our very first Twitter Spaces featuring Nick Emmons of Upshot and Ben Lakoff of Charged Particles. We had a lot of fun talking about the future of NFTs as well as how to create and price exotic and advanced NFTs beyond “just art”. We will definitely have Nick and Ben back soon!

Our Next Twitter Spaces will be hosted on Wednesday, April 20, at April 5PM CET (GMT+2) and will feature ChainGrep co-founders Rosco Kalis and Merwane Drai.

The gamers among you are more than welcome to join PWN’s Embersword guild. Just drop me a DM on Discord and I’m happy to set you up!

User acquisition

PWN recently saw a 30d $600 USD loan backed by Jungle Freak. This loan is tiny, compared to the “typical blue chip loan” of $100K+. And that’s the point. PWN can be used even for tiny loans - we’ve optimised the transaction costs as much as humanly possible. And we’ll keep doing it - in fact the next version of the contracts (Which is coming out Soon™) is going to be next level in this regard. We expect to attract an even larger portion of the “micro loans” market in the near future.


UX improvements: Using off-chain offers, we’ve effectively decreased the number of necessary transactions to 1 (OpenSea style), which further decreases the entry barrier for liquidity and opens up a whole new realm of platform based (yet still noncustodial) features, like automatic offer adjustments, crowd-offers, and so on. The contracts passed an audit; a secondary audit is underway. We are close to going into a public access mode, removing the current access control.

L2 readiness: The PWN platform now enables support of multichain deployments. Alongside the public beta, our plan is to deploy to most of the EVM compatible chains and L2s in the coming months.

The PWN team

Our team has grown in March as we’ve been joined by Karolina, our Social Media Manager, who has joined the marketing team and has already been nailing the social media content, memes, and all the other fun stuff. Welcome to the party!

Do you want to take part in helping us create the great content that we share with the world? Check out our Twitter feed and join us on Discord (and specifically, our dedicated #shill-your-stuff channel) to submit your most clever, wild, and eye-catching content ideas.

Token of appreciation

This month’s token goes to our PsyOps Ninja and Events Manager, Petra, for massive proactivity and project ownership. I’m deeply grateful that I can know with 100% certainty that if Petra picks something up then it will get done from start to finish & I don’t need to worry about the progress in the meantime. Keep it up!

What I’m pondering this month

Do less, achieve more. We’ve been a little bit all over the place lately (me most of all the people) which meant a lot of stuff “in progress” and not very many tangible results. We’ve had a serious chat with Josef about this recently and are taking active steps to refocus our activities so that PWN can pick back up the pace of moving towards our ultimate vision.

Lifehack of the month

How fast can you type? Close to 90% of our communication is currently in the written format - emails, Discord, other chat apps, documentation, and so on, and speedy typing can potentially make a big difference. My all time high words-per-minute (WPM) is around 120. I’ve recently created a new account on Monkeytype and achieved about 90 - so I clearly need to get back into shape.

Let me know what’s your 60 minute English (with numbers and punctuation of course!) WPM using the Monkeytype tool!

Have an awesome April and catch you in our next monthly digest!


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