PWN January Digest
February 8th, 2022

GM PWN Community!

We kicked off 2022 in the best way imaginable. The dust is still settling after we’ve launched the PWN platform on Ethereum mainnet last November, but I’m already seeing strong synergies within the PWN team as well as the amazing energy of our community and that is making me confident that we are headed towards building a true killer DeFi product. Here are some of the key highlights of the past month.

Latest UI upgrades

  • The homepage is now much more useful when it comes to discovering new investment and borrowing opportunities
  • We’ve introduced an overhauled notification system to help users stay on top what’s going on with their lending / borrowing positions
  • We’ve also made many more smaller changes based on the insights we gathered from our users, all designed to make the lending / borrowing experience the smoothest in all of DeFi
  • Our waitlist has grown to nearly 400 people with upwards of $2.5 million of assets ready to get deployed on the PWN lending markets

Go check the changes now! (If you don’t have the access key yet, then make sure you join the waitlist — we’re dropping new keys every week!)

V1 of contracts foundation

  • Our R&D team continues in the direction of releasing our next version of contracts Soon™ (more on that here)
  • V1 PWN contracts will make the overall lending-borrowing journey infinitely smoother and — most importantly — even more gas-efficient
  • We’re going to talk more in detail about the features introduced through the V1 contracts as we get closer to the release

Why are we currently using the term ‘V1’, you ask? Even though we’re fully audited and successfully deployed on Ethereum mainnet, we still operate in a beta mode. Once we exit the beta and the PWN platform becomes fully open to the public, we’ll start using the 1.* version number.

The PWN team is growing!

We have hired two backend engineers with very unique skill sets who are going to be working on big things that we aim to introduce in Q2 2022. To say that I can’t wait to see the results of their work out in the wild would be a brutal understatement.

We also finally managed to bring Victor on board, who’s been advising us from the very beginning, as a full-time Operations Lead. Welcome to the party!

Make sure you stop by our next community call (Wednesday, January 9, 2022) on our Discord, in which you’ll get to meet all of them in person.

Series A fundraise

We’re currently raising funds to further extend the team (currently 19 strong) and to speed up the development of key features. If you’re an investor interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to me at

Life hack of the month: Find out what your dragon name is
(Stolen from last week's Morning Brew)

  1. Last two letters of your first name
  2. Middle two letters of your last name
    (if your last name has odd number of letters just pick whatever 2 letters you feel like are the middle ones)
  3. First two letters of your mother’s first name
  4. Last one letter of your father’s first name

And finally, please let us know what we can include in our community digests moving forward. Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter and/or Discord with suggestions, praise, questions, or anything else you have on your mind.

Have a fantastic February, everyone!


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