PWN is all about open source

Today, we’re here to tell you what open source means to our team.

From the very beginning, PWN’s guiding principles have closely correlated with the goals of open source.

We play a long term game but don't pass up clear opportunities. We won't stop until we reach the holy grail and turn the project into a major player in the DeFi and blockchain ecosystem.

What’s more, we prove our worth pro bono, we pay it forward to the community, and once we succeed we make sure we don't leave scorched earth behind - instead, we’ll reward the people who got us there, so they can do the same in the future.

We’ve got multiple public repositories available on GitHub, such as:

Our approach toward ecosystem/community contributions

Open source code enables progressive iteration of human knowledge. It saves time and effort, and importantly, open source makes it possible to accomplish more than an individual would be able to achieve in a lifetime.

Instead of constantly recreating every script from scratch, we can use ready-made snippets or libraries — materials that other people have created and shared for others to use and learn from.

The true power of open source isn't end-user software, but at the end of the day, it's the little libraries and ideas that make end-user software possible. The open source mindset unites people around projects which would otherwise be blocked by endless IP and reward debates. It aspires towards greatness and leaving a legacy rather than outcompeting others and reaping short-term rewards.

Smart contracts must be open sourced. Closed sourced contracts intended to be used by anyone and everyone are, frankly, BS — you can't create a transparent decentralized financial system without the transparency component.

“I entered the blockchain space to witness and contribute to world-changing innovation; I stayed for the open source community. I don't think everything needs to be open sourced and permissively licensed immediately, but I hope that companies will make it a habit to release their code before they switch the lights off,” says PWN Co-Founder and CEO Josef Je.

DeFi is a constant race for innovation. If you don't innovate, someone else will make you obsolete in as little as a day. We release our entire code along with docs to push ourselves to do better.

Here’s what you can look forward to

As a team, we're pushing out several major features in the foreseeable future (stay tuned!):

  1. Version 1 beta version of our contracts: The upcoming version builds upon our contracts’ current functionality but will add some exciting new perks!

  2. Minimizing on-chain tx count: We’ve optimized the contracts for user experience. In short, the deal is negotiated off-chain and, once clear to both sides, is taken on-chain to seal it. What this means for users is that you'll only pay gas when the deed is successfully funded, so you can place more offers without paying any additional gas.

  3. An array of ongoing app updates

In the latest version of the PWN app, we’ve delivered a few important improvements. These include a snazzily revamped homepage, a gallery of recent deeds, and restyled in-app notifications.

We’ve also incorporated new, dynamic deed NFTs in OpenSea, sorting options for deeds and offers lists, and have made it possible to change between table and card views in deed lists across sessions.

Our team is dedicated to providing ongoing updates to our platform, and you can count on us keeping you in the loop about both our plans and releases. In the meantime, you can read more about our GTM and business plans.

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