PWN brings P2P oracle-free lending on BNB Smart Chain!

The PWN app played it smart and just added BNB Smart Chain to its ever-expanding multi-chain ecosystem.

PWN is joining the 2 000+ dApps of the BNB Chain ecosystem as one of the first P2P oracle-free lending platforms.

Key Benefits of PWN on BNB Smart Chain

PWN’s deployment on BNB Chain brings a host of benefits to DeFi lending:

  • Cost-Efficiency: BNB Smart Chain's low transaction fees will make  borrowing and lending on PWN accessible to all. In addition, PWN currently charges 0% protocol fees!

  • Customizable Lending Terms:  The P2P lending model lets users lend and borrow on their own terms, offering unmatched flexibility. The oracle-free design of the protocol also removes the risk of automated price-based liquidations.

  • Full composability: PWN permissionless nature allows the use of any asset (be it NFTs or BEP-20 tokens) as collateral. Thanks to the EVM compatibility, BNB users can enjoy the full range of PWN’s capabilities, be it collection offers, PWN Bundler, or PWN Safe.

PWNDAO is a hub for peer-to-peer lending backed by digital assets. Use any token as collateral, invest in fixed-interest loans, and enjoy attractive returns, all without liquidation risk. Check out the PWNDAO platform today.Want to get in touch with PWNDAO? Reach out on Twitter or join our community on Discord.

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