Let’s get ready to bundle!

Crypto can sometimes feel chaotic. If you’ve been active for long enough, there’s a good chance your portfolio is scattered across multiple tokens. To make things worse, many DeFi lending protocols are permissioned, leaving some of your precious assets idle. And don’t get us started on the looming fear of liquidation if you dare leverage your capital.

For those not keen on asset concentration and portfolio spring cleaning, PWN has come up with a solution for enjoying leverage using any assets, packaged into an easy-to-manage bundle.

Introducing the PWN Bundler.

But first, a word about PWN.

PWN is straightforward. It’s a permissionless, peer-to-peer lending protocol. Without the fancy words, it means that we let you use any asset as collateral - be it NFT or ERC-20 and request (or finance) loans on your terms. You can pick the duration, LTV, interest rate, and the tokens you want to borrow. Once your offer is accepted, just make sure to repay by the loan’s expiration date.

But wait, there’s more! Since PWN is oracle-less, it spares you the worry of price-based liquidation. The only way to lose your collateral is by forgetting to repay your lender, pawn shop style! Now, let’s explore the PWN Bundler.

Everyday I’m bundling!

If you’re familiar with popular lending protocols like Aave or Compound, you know your collateral options are limited. Plus, being powered by oracles, they expose you to liquidation risks, especially with volatile assets, which are often restricted anyway.

If you hold a lot of different tokens (assuming they can even be used as collateral), you’d need a line of credit for each, which means keeping a close eye on multiple liquidation prices. High maintenance, indeed!

The PWN Bundler changes the game.

Create a basket of assets, mixing NFTs and tokens if you desire, and mint it as an NFT. The value of your new bundle NFT reflects the total value of its contents. Then, simply use your bundle NFT to request a loan on PWN. Agree on (fixed) terms with a lender and enjoy newfound liquidity without the worry: even if your bundle NFT’s value fluctuates, you're safe from liquidation.

Once you repay your loan, you can simply unbundle and get your assets back, or go for another round.

Why bundle with PWN?

The PWN Bundler brings ease, flexibility, and peace of mind to lending, helping you focus on your leverage strategy. Here is a feature comparison with aforementioned Aave and Compound protocols:

PWN and the PWN Bundler allow you to keep your exposure to all the assets you want and streamline your leverage strategy.

The PWN Bundler is available on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Mantle, Cronos and BNB Smart Chain.

Visit https://app.pwn.xyz/#/token-bundler and start bundling!

PWNDAO is a hub for peer-to-peer lending backed by digital assets. Use any token as collateral, invest in fixed-interest loans, and enjoy attractive returns, all without liquidation risk. Check out the PWNDAO platform today.Want to get in touch with PWNDAO? Reach out on Twitter or join our community on Discord.

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