How does PWN make use of dogfooding?
July 19th, 2022

At PWN, technological dogfooding is the name of the game.

The term "dogfooding" is an alternate, somewhat quirky term for using one's own products. In our case, we use it to describe our team’s practice of testing the PWN platform and working out any issues or bugs that we encounter in order to continuously improve our product. As a result, we can feel entirely confident in the end result of our work.

What are our motivations for dogfooding?

Understanding the role of users: Our users are at the core of everything we do. When building and interacting with our platform, PWN team members are actively looking to more deeply connect with them and understand their needs: What do they want? How do they interact with the platform? What are the blockers?

Maintaining focus on various DeFi and web3 services: We care about the exciting projects that others are working on in the space. To further spotlight some of the folks that inspire us the most, we have an ongoing interview series, Cryptonatives, in which we sit down with some of the brightest minds in the DeFi community to discuss tools, best practices, learnings, and future ideas within the current DeFi landscape. Check out our first three Cryptonatives interviews with Jarrad Hope, Stefan George, and Makoto Inoue to learn more.

How we’ve put dogfooding into practice

We’re happy to say that we’ve walked the walk when it comes to eating our own dog food.

At the end of the day, PWN wants to be recognized as a web3 service. In a continuous effort to do this, we’re constantly keeping tabs on the work of some of the organizations that we admire and respect.

On this topic, did you know that we’re integrated with ENS? Our ENS integration is one way that we’ve been going the extra mile to build brand trust and make PWN as accessible as possible.

What’s more, we've been using POAPs (as individuals) for ages, and PWN integrated them into our platform in December 2021. This decision ended up bringing us several hundred new followers on Twitter and Discord.

"We used a POAP to token gate our alpha platform before a full public launch and plan to continue building utility into the POAP NFTs we create. Additionally, we dispense POAPs often for our community calls as an added incentive to attend and participate in building the PWN ecosystem," says Mike Herbig, Product Manager at PWN.

"We trust PWN enough to put our own assets on it. Many of our team members have put up game assets from game on Polygon while testing the platform. We're not just verifying testnets, we're using the main and L2 platforms ourselves."

Our team’s future goals

Looking ahead, we want our practice of dogfooding to contribute to making the PWN platform the very best it can be.

Some of our team’s goals include:

  • Providing cryptonative users with a less stringent tool to multiply their portfolios
  • Increasing financial flexibility for the borrower given market volatility
  • Save time, reduce gas fees, and execute more quickly on strategies

…and there are plenty more where those come from!

To help us keep delivering the best tools for our users, please feel free to get in touch with us with feedback on the PWN platform. We appreciate any and all input!

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