PWN DAO pledges to Protocol Guild

PWNDAO pledges to Protocol Guild

Let's face it: Ethereum owes its existence to the dedicated work of protocol research, development teams, and client developers. Without them, Ethereum wouldn't be where it is today, and much of today's public blockchain infrastructure wouldn’t have seen the light of day. However, for Ethereum to thrive, it's essential to ensure competitive funding for core developers over time. While things may seem stable at present, it's crucial to plan for the future.

Why Protocol Guild?

We view the Protocol Guild as a crucial initiative driving Ethereum's long-term sustainability and growth. We are well-versed in contributions of dozens of individuals under the PG umbrella and have full confidence in their integrity and commitment to Ethereum's advancement as a true public good.

That’s why we decided to answer Tim Beiko’s call.

What Does This Mean for PWN?

We’ll be allocating 1% of our token supply to Protocol Guild upon deploying the PWNDAO.

Pledging to the Protocol Guild is not just about handing over tokens; it's about embodying our values and principles as a crypto project. We believe in the importance of giving back to the community  that has enabled us, and in supporting initiatives that benefit the broader Ethereum ecosystem. But above all, this pledge demonstrates how hell-bent we are on fostering the long-term success of Ethereum.

Join us!

We don't see this as virtue signaling, but rather as a necessity. We encourage all projects to join us and in this pledge to help build a stronger, more resilient Ethereum ecosystem for everyone.

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