PWNDAO is live on Arbitrum

PWNDAO is on a roll(up)!

We’re proud to announce PWNDAO’s deployment on Arbitrum, the largest L2 in terms of TVL. With seven networks available, our platform is gearing up to become a staple in multi-chain lending strategies.

Adding its name to the 470+ protocols already live on Arbitrum, PWNDAO brings a whole new meaning to composability, opening new liquidity avenues for DeFi participants.

Permissionless, token-agnostic, and oracle-free, the PWNDAO app is spearheading a new approach to peer-to-peer borrowing and lending. And it comes with a flurry of perks:

  • Low transaction fees: Arbitrum’s rollup technology reduces transaction fees to a fraction of what they are on Ethereum. Your lending or borrowing offers are just a few cents away.

  • 0 auto liquidation risk: Being peer-to-peer allows lenders and borrowers to agree on terms from the get-go, and mitigate the risk of auto liquidation. Anyone can borrow with peace of mind and lend while enjoying a fixed, predictable APY.

  • All assets welcome: We’re permissionlessness maxis, which means that you can use any asset (yes, any asset) as collateral. And as lenders, you can make a loan offer on your own terms, for…(you guessed it)...any asset.

  • 0% fees: For a limited time, PWNDAO takes no protocol fees. Lenders receive full interest, and borrowers incur no extra debt costs.

  • Optimized security: Arbitrum benefits from Ethereum’s security while PWNDAO brings open-source, double-audited contracts to the table. But it doesn’t stop here. Our oracle-free design protects borrowers from surprise price swings, oracle-based exploits and manipulations.

Ready to dive in?

Getting started with PWNDAO is as easy as ABC:

  • Looking for liquidity? List your asset as collateral and create a loan request. Pick your terms (loan duration, interest rate, LTV, etc.) and wait for lender approval (or counter-offers).

  • Looking for sustainable yield? Simply browse pending loan requests or issue a loan offer on the asset or NFT collection of your choice.

If you feel lost or unsure about anything, ping us on Discord. We’ll be happy to help on your P2P lending journey.

PWNDAO is a hub for peer-to-peer lending backed by digital assets. Use any token as collateral, invest in fixed-interest loans, and enjoy attractive returns, all without liquidation risk. Check out the PWNDAO platform today.

Want to get in touch with PWNDAO? Reach out on Twitter or join our community on Discord.

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