PWN Summer Digest

And just like that… Another summer is almost gone. Was this one a good one for PWN? Well, it was indeed an onchain summer. What milestones has PWN accomplished during the last three months? Let's delve in.

Bonding with the team

June started just great, with a meeting in our beloved Prague. Did you know that it is just a little over a year since the team saw each other for the first time? And what is a better way to celebrate this little milestone than to close the team into a small room and just fill it with ideas that will eventually come to life in the next few months.

But don't worry, the meeting was not just all work and no play (we didn't become dull boys and girls) we had some fun, too.

First things first - food. Team dinner this year was just extraordinary. At this point, when we meet, it is like meeting old friends. A few months ago “Vlna Štvanice” opened on Prague's Vltava river. It is a great place for everyone who just loves water and being adventurous because you can surf there!

Prague DeFi summit and Eth Prague - PWN is out of beta!

PWN was happy to be one of the main sponsors of the Prague DeFi summit and Eth Prague conferences. This meant we got to have the best spot for our booth in the whole venue - the terrace. The venue, beautifully decorated with hanging shards and kokedamas, complemented the vibe of our bamboo construction booth perfectly.

PWN team at ETHPrague
PWN team at ETHPrague

During the incredible 4 days, we got to meet and know so many of you. There is really nothing like chatting about the product you are passionate about with your real users!

At ETHPrague we also got to know amazing hackers from projects that joined the hackathon. Eventually, we awarded PlantationStation, which will bring the future of gardening to your home. The other awarded protocols were  Saunabound, Libree, and Praave. Definitely check the projects out!

Most importantly, PWN came out of BETA during ETHPrague, implementing V1 contracts! That brought a bunch of new features, such as new loan request pages, LTV filters and much more. Kudos to our devs!

Cryptonative economy report & Paris

At the beginning of July, we published the Cryptonative economy report for the 1st half of 2023. Our goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the economic demand for onchain services. Cryptonatives are our primary target users and it’s critical for us to understand their onchain economic behavior.

We analyzed the fees generated by 149 projects. The quick insight is that we are still in a bear market, but the situation is getting better because the sampled projects generated 33% more in fees in Q2 than they did during Q1-2023. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

You can see both reports we published so far at

The second most important mission of July was to get (almost) everyone to Paris for EthCC and [redacted].

We wish we could tell you more about the [redacted]. But if you were there, you know that there are no words that could describe how amazing the [redacted] was. So let's just move on to the conference itself.

On the first and the second day of the conference, we met hundreds of amazing people at our booth and gave away hundreds of the 'Banks Hate Us' T-shirts. This was amazing because, in the following days, we saw literally an army hated by the banks. Shout-out to you guys, for making our swag yours.

PWN booth at EthCC
PWN booth at EthCC

August - New deployments

In August we said: “Let's catch them all!'' and started our deployment journey to become a truly multi-purpose and multi-chain lending protocol. After more than a year of being deployed on Ethereum and Polygon, we added Cronos, Base, and Mantle to our chain family, cementing our commitment to scalability and inclusivity within the crypto ecosystem. And we are definitely not stopping just there. Our team has been at the forefront of innovation, diligently amplifying our footprint in the crypto landscape.

The platform itself has also undergone several changes and updates! The biggest update was adding the long-awaited collection offers in collaboration with PintSwap, an endeavor that harmonized both communities under a singular vision. Followed by the token offers and the explorer (search bar), the PWN app is becoming comprehensive and more UX-friendly with each update.

Moreover, we organized a cross-community campaign with the LandX platform, a synergy that fostered engagement and brought attention to future IRL farming use cases and a new perspective on DeFi.

In early September, in a groundbreaking move, we partnered with the industry stalwart Alex Masmej to facilitate a loan against his personal token, marking a significant stride in innovating financial solutions in the crypto domain. Through this journey, we've continued to champion transparency, innovation, and community engagement, solidifying our position at the forefront of the crypto revolution.

The PWN team kept growing

As our head of people ops Alex says, the summer was mainly about finding the right people to join our team. First, we started a hunt for a full-stack position. Somebody who can work on the backend and frontend and be the perfect fit for us. From more than 40 applications we've chosen Skas, who is now our full-stack dev. The team has already appreciated him twice with our humble token of appreciation that we give to the employee of the month!

The second team member who joined us is Jan, who is a member of our internal Alpha team. Are you asking what is it? It is a relatively small team but with huge aspirations to create new fresh features for our product.

Last, but not least is the need to find someone for the position of content creator. We are still in the process but I already have the feeling we are so close to welcoming another cool person to our team. Stay tuned!

Can't wait to see what the autumn brings but one thing is certain - we, at PWN will keep building!

PWN is a hub for peer-to-peer lending backed by digital assets. Use your NFTs or any token as collateral and invest in fixed-interest loans and generate attractive returns. PWN makes this possible with no liquidation risks. Check out the PWN platform today.

Want to get in touch with PWN? Reach out to us on Twitter or join the community on Discord.

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