Liquidity Unleashed: PintSwap's Game-Changing Treasury Tactics

PintSwap carved a niche in the DEX landscape by introducing OTC and peer-to-peer trading mechanisms. Staying true to their positioning, they harnessed the power of PWN to provide new liquidity options for their community. Let’s discover how.

The big picture

For their TGE, PintSwap opted for NFTs: 1000, redeemable for 10% of the $PINT supply, were sold, netting the project 270 ETH. Off to a good start!

Rather than hoarding their treasury, the team decided to put it to good use, helping their community get the most of their allocation, and, simultaneously, bolster the project’s revenue.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, not with PWN. Read on!

NFTs with a leveraged twist, feat PWN

PintSwap started by setting a guaranteed buy-back price of 0.4 ETH, quite a deal since the NFT went for sale around 0.27 ETH and was trading around 0.5 ETH at the time.

Then, they allocated 3% of the treasury to finance loans.

Example loan (3935)
Example loan (3935)

That’s where PWN came in. Its permissionless design allowed PintSwap NFT holders to create loan requests, using their token as collateral. They were free to set their terms, all without the risk of being liquidated thanks to PWN’s oracle-free nature.

And they showed up! Two rounds saw the successful funding of 12 loans, with an average duration of 30 days.


Too degen for you? Think again.

This strategy was a creative way to put the protocol’s treasury to work by collecting loan interests. Plus, PWN allowed the PintSwap community to unlock instant liquidity for their NFT, while retaining exposure to the asset.

In the scenario where community members had defaulted, the protocol would have gained ownership of the NFT, and its associated token allocation, at a discounted rate.

We told you, win-win.

Next-level community engagement

PintSwap's case is a great example of creative thinking and strong community synergy.

The project consolidated trust by establishing a buy-back price and offering loans to holders. In turn, the community gained risk-mitigated access to a reliable liquidity source.

In other words, PintSwap’s assets were now working for both the team and the community.

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