DCxPrague - Supporting Ethereum's Global Conversation

We are thrilled to announce DCxPrague, a satellite Devconnect event happening in Prague from November 15 to 21, 2023.

This gathering, spearheaded by the collaborative efforts of ETHPrague and PWNDAO, is designed to provide an alternative for those who are unable to attend the Devconnect event in Istanbul.

DCxPrague is a week-long gathering catering to all Ethereum enthusiasts’ thirst for knowledge and collaboration. It will feature a collaborative, community-driven program, discussions and opportunities, to meet community leaders, right in the heart of Prague.

Our support of the main Devconnect event in Istanbul remains unwavering. A big shout out is owed to the incredible teams at the Ethereum Foundation and to the Devconnect organizers for their support and encouragement to collaborate across borders.

Let's make this gathering in Prague a resounding success, amplifying the spirit of Devconnect and the Ethereum community, and paving the way for collaboration and progress.

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